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The more you understand about the importance of ergonomics in your life and product choices the better your quality of life will be. We invite you to click here and download a free copy of our special report;
"Buying the Right Chair for Fit and Comfort"

Cornell University has contributed more to the study of ergonomics than any other university. Their research has led to many of the equipment standards adapted by health conscious manufacturers. Their web site contains a wealth of information about all aspects of this field of scientific study.

This extensive site is full of excellent information as well as practical tips on ergonomics. The very user-friendly site's home page has a complete listing of topics to keep you well informed.

This site is published by OSHA. Although the approach is a little more technical than the sites listed above the information is well organized and informative.





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A FREE copy of our "Buying the Right Chair for Fit and Comfort.


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